Catherine Alexander

I am growing in grace, and accordingly, learning to share my life’s notes.

Hi! Thank you for visiting my WP website. This has been developed to share my life experiences, education, insights, trials, faith, success, failures, business ventures, and philosophies with the intention of adding value to others! Contact me freely and repeatedly (should I fail to respond to your initial Email): freely I have received, freely I give back! My education and experience background includes: sciences, horses, ecologies, holistic approaches to health and wellness, lifelong athletic activities for health, and, unfortunately, now a tissue pathology diagnosis of metastatic lung cancer, NSCLC, of all things! I am led of the Lord thus far to address the latter with prayer, meditation in God’s word, and alternative therapies. I believe that God Almighty is in the process of healing me. Stay tuned. Watch my video herein, linked from JoelOfZion on YouTube, where I make the initial public announcement on September 11, 2016.

Hi. Thank you for clicking on the donate button. I am currently fighting a metastatic lung cancer, adeno carcinoma, NSCLC, that appeared quite shockingly on a CT scan, was consequently biopsied (against my better judgement, under duress (insurance would not provide any blood testing at all, or recommend a less invasive approach of any kind), so, I succumbed to the pressure. I felt worse after it, much worse. I did and do feel very sick. I do not smoke. I do not drink alcohol. I have eaten organically for some 30+ years. I used to work in a health food store, where I read everything.

By God’s grace, I was led to apply organic methods, repeatedly, to my life, over an extended period of time, chiropractic care, and other non-invasive methods.  Still, the earth is under a curse, and there is much disease. I believe that the Lord is leading me in ways to help the body heal naturally, as opposed to conventional treatments that are comprised largely of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy (combined or individually, they have a very low success rate for killing, curing, or beating cancer for an extended period of time, without destroying the immune system.

He led me to a clinic where the doctor prescribed me herbal tonic and many other herbs, with a continued organic diet, with some limitations, and a prescription for rest … I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which isthe fruit of a tree yielding seed … The monthly expenses are very high ($700-$800/month for supplements alone). I was already eating organically, so, while a continued expense, I do not factor it into the $700-$800/month costs.

The water purifier cost $1,000 (Berkey gravitational purifier, with chlorine and fluoride removal filters; it leaves behind needed minerals).

Please donate directly to this PayPal account, or buy stuff from my online Network Marketing Company, Renew.IDLife.Com. If you choose not to receive any available discounts from my Network Marketing Company, I will make 30% of whatever you spend, directly deposited to my account. Thanks again for your anticipated thoughtful considerations!