Bob ( maybe your uncle)

This is me and Bob on 12/20/2016. He needed to sit a spell and God used me to help him find his way back to a bench inside the warm mall. I learned the propert used to be a racetrack 😍 beloved man, with a new wife of 1 year 1 month, Diane. His wife of 65 years had passed, and he missed her so! He is looking fwd to seeing her in glory! I shared that I would see him there as well.

I asked Bob how old he thought we would be in glory. He thinks we get to choose 😄 no chapter verse on that, but he chooses 25; ok, me too 😄 i had my health then, and my body was pain free so far as I recall. I did get saved that year; so, it was a good year 😌

It felt great to comfort Bob. Their prayer list now has my vagus nerve on it for healing! I didn’t ever mention the cancer. It seems less of a problem to me now that the vagus nerve seems to really be deteriorating rapidly. God is able 👆🏽🎄🎉

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