crowdrise post for donations

Hi. I had an emotional day yesterday.

I wrote up a request for prayer and financial support on crowdrise.  It was emotional for me to review my lung cancer diagnosis, and how the kind of natural treatments i want, guided and overseen by successful professionals, is financially out of reach! I did call Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach today about starting their 3-week transformation program (they offer some partial scholarships I heard); we’ll see.

The formatting came out as one giant paragraph, and that stressed me: who wants to read all that?! I worked diligently to separate short and medium paragraphs out for readability. Maybe there is a way to edit.

I will look into it. The cancer causes great fatigue. I could hardly do very basic chores this AM … had to force myself. And the cold is debilitating!

ChrisBeatCancer.Con recommended the crowdrisesite over gofundme because, he offered, that some people won’t donate to gofundme because they take a high % of donations (not sure if that’s true, but, everyone has bills to pay, even fundraising organizations!). Please, check it out … here’s my pic:

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