Budwig anti-cancer protocol

The Budwig Protocol is a widely respected anti-cancer protocol. It is VERY important that the mixing protocol be followed. Therein lies the critically important chemical reaction between the flax oil and the cottage cheese that provides oxygen to the cell. Cancer cannot live in an oxygenated environment I have learned.

This is a picture of the FOCC mixture, prepared as directed, over a tossed, light green salad for lunch or supper. I typically have the shake version of the FOCC mixture with berries for breakfast with my immune system support herbals from the Hoxsey Clinic. budwig-over-salad-img_5733-copy

I would like to be at the Budwig Center in Spain or in Germany for their recommended 2 week minimum. Learn more here, as a starting point (there is SO much written on the FOCC Budwig protocol:

Dr Johanna Budwig Anti-Cancer Food plan


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