1 of 2 Pomegranate Videos

Hello0000. Back to doing my short skit videos, 2-3 minutes (I am incapable it seems of generating a 1 minute video!) This is where I take some curiosity every day and talk about it, after maybe a bit of light research, or from memory, or from experience; or all three! They are meant to be doable, entertaining, light, informative, and provide a platform for discovery and artful play. 🙂 God is seeking to heal my body of trauma and cancer, remember! Gotta keep it light and doable for now! Thanks for tuning in.

Thought to inhibit angiogenesis (a must to prevent clusters of cancer from surviving (via their very own blood supply): https://www.drfuhrman.com/learn/library/articles/23/9-pomegranate-health-benefits-that-offer-powerful-disease-protection

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