Hoxsey Biomedical Center: a holistic approach to diseases

I became aware of the Hoxsey Biomedical Clinic while watching Ty Bollinger’s “Truth About Cancer Series”, the 9 episode one that was aired for free during the spring and early summer of 2016. An internet search on “Hoxsey” will produce the story of how this aggressive herbal and nutrition based approach was discovered in Texas, with consequent successes in curing cancer, that led to the building and running of 23 clinics in the USA. I have provided a single YouTube video below to get anyone started who might be interested. Unfortunately, the clinics have now all been closed in the USA, aggressively, first attacked by the AMA, and then more aggressively by the FDA, as I understand it. But with foresight, Mr. Hoxsey provided for a clinic just over the border from California in Tijuana, Mexico. I heard a story from a reputable source while down there this summer, that their current building was built as a “fancy” hacienda for the Mexican Mafia, but, the Mexican government seized it from the Mafia, arresting and jailing them, upon their initial move-in habitation, and later sold it for use by the Hoxsey Clinic, now Hoxsey Biomedical. Everyone there was very nice, helpful, and encouraging. The breakfast and lunch were fabulous, hand crafted, and in alignment with the Hoxsey nutritional approach for boosting the immune system to cure cancer. A mindset approach, in my opinion, that would benefit the ICR here in the USA, with full support of health insurances, for the benefit of mankind.


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