Budwig Center in Spain

There are two Budwig Centers, one in Spain and one in Germany. Below is a pic of the website that features the one in Spain. The Budwig protocol to kill cancer was discovered and developed by a woman scientist, Johanna Budwig, in Germany, many, many years ago. It is one of the most highly respected protocols in the alternative treatment of cancers, and other diseases. I began the Budwig protocol when a CT first chowed a mass in my left lung, not wasting any time treating it as if it were cancerous. Of course, ALL of the allopathic doctors wanted to perform aggressive biopsies right away, but I had suffered 3 left foot surgeries, the first of which I think in hindsight was extremely ill-advised, the other two were corrective approaches to manage the pain from the first, in my opinion. Budwig in Spain was my first choice of a cancer clinic, but the price tag for the necessary two weeks is 12K. If anyone is buying, I am ready, able, and willing to go! I believe I am an excellent candidate for success, as much of the preliminary detox work has been aggressively accomplished by me with help from others. The trip to Hoxsey, with airfare, food, transportation, herbal supplements and tonic, and hotel, was around 4K; much more manageable. But I was advised by a FBMessage today that lung cancer can suddenly spiral to death. Sobering thought. So, yes, please, send me to BUDWIG :). Also, there are real-life testimonials on YouTube: here is one to get started. And here is a brief description video about Johanna Budwig’s discovery, work, and successes treating cancers.



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