Designed Edible Ecological Community

I had allot of fun working with colored pencils on this designed ecological community with edible harvests and common lands and waterways. I took a picture of my art work for potential posterity. Unfortunately for me, I was not part of the work that brought the vision to fruition. But, this community is not only built, it is almost completely sold out (Reserved); check out the link below by clicking on the final proposed map. If we build it: beneficial micro ecologies, sustainability, and resiliency will follow. I really miss working with teams on design, build, and maintenance of ecological projects. When built and maintained well, these communities benefit individuals, families, communities, regions, ecologies, flora, fauna, and potential posterity. I am looking for a design team to work with in Maryland where I now live. Please contact me directly to let me know if there is a place for my efforts on your team or project! My CV is readily available on LinkedIn.

















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