Baptista australis

The first signs of spring were welcomed every year, without fail once established, by the distinctive emergent leaves of the perennial Baptisia plant in my Cranford, NJ gardens! I loved seeing the droplets of spring dew collect in the center of each new offering. During mid- to late-summer, the absolutely beautiful bright blue-purple flowers would astonish the garden beholders. Here, in this image, on this particular year, a few red cardinal seeds took root and flowered out as well. Such a blessing! The primary garden was a large sized experiment that simply practiced organic soil fertility methods to produce berries and flowering, nectar rich, native species plants for a burgeoning population of native pollinators, hummingbirds, and butterflies. We had such fun, and the bunny rabbits, foxes, and song birds LOVED their homes therein. I even bumped into a tree snake while harvesting mulberries one year while standing on the ladder. More on that later, when I come across the picture! I screamed. He/she did not. 🙂 Daniel didn’t move from the hemlock he was sitting under while working out some computer solution, taking my scream sitting down. He did come over and identify the snake for me … Garter, if I remember correctly.



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