Thinking of You

This is an image text from my wonderful husband  Daniel. He is and has long been so good to me, excellent company, I always miss him when he is not there. I prayed to God Almighty for three (3) things in a husband: #1 I asked that God would provide me with a man that had developed love for God and love for His Word; #2 I asked that this man be smarter than me (I read somewhere that men do not appreciate their women smarter then them, 🙂 ); and then, #3, I asked that he could be good looking (physical attraction had its place in my life at that time). I used to say, I should have asked for even more, because God gave me all that I asked for. The truth is, God gave me far more in Daniel than I ever even thought to ask for! He has been so kind to me, and giving, with thoughtfulness. This is an example that came via text today!

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