Mom n Dad

This is Jack and Laverne, R to L, clearly! These are my husband Daniel’s very fine parents. I love them dearly. I wish I had spent more quality time just being with them when I was younger, closer, asking for more stories! Do that with yours; make the time. They just celebrated 60 years of marriage! They are very precious to me, as is their son Daniel, and their extended family. Daniel is one of 6 children, all trained up in old fashioned ways (yessir, no sir, please, thank you …). Their ways are in the top 5 reasons I married Daniel, who has been God’s gift to me. We were enjoying some vacation time in the OBX, Sunday brunch if memory serves. There was some sort of a fire emergency. I think in a nursing home across the way from our brunch place.

Jack was a Carnegie Mellon graduate, materials scientist. Laverne was a very fine, fine artist (still is, with every note she writes!); also a Carnegie Mellon graduate! All of the Alexander offspring have artsy genes, like Mom, and can also be total nerds, like Dad, when it comes to technical platforms. #Assests

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