Passing the Test

I am a work in progress. I have passed MANY tests so far: physical, emotional, relational, fiscal, mental, and Spiritual. I am currently battling a shocking cancer in my body. It is a fight in ALL of these areas. I kid you not. Holistic approaches to life have been central to my walk here on earth for some 30 years. Maybe these ideals are important to you too! This test is no different for me ❤️👆🏽😘 with God all things are possible …


So this pic features my customized vitamins, which are central to my daily routine.

Featured here with one of my meals are also: our #VeganShake, which gives me unbelievable, much needed energy! And the home-made “Kickem Juice”, which was designed by God through a man named Enoch whose curing melanoma story is so inspiring! Here’s part of his-story. Kick’emJuice link! And the first bottle of my #HoxseyTonic, taken after every meal now to treat holistically specifically against cancer (Link to some Hoxsey info).

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