My Family’s Farmer – do you know yours?

Hey … this is the Shank Family, in western PA; they are all about service to many through the production of real food! Beyond organic crops and pastured livestock. Their soil fertility practices are rely on soil testing, natural mineral amendments, and sound, rotated livestock stocking densities! Check out their drop points all over PA from their website http://YourFamilyFarmer.Com.


Pick one, shop online, order, then go pick it up! Or visit the farm store. Schedule a farm tour for before you shop if you like. I have done that, enjoying a pint of fresh, raw milk with Dawn’s fresh pie upon arrival (subject to availability), then toured the beautiful farm (#FullDisclosure), then shopped the on-farm store (bring a cooler or two). Lot’s of fun! If one of the farmers has the time; beyond organic farming is time consuming! Love ya much!



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