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Yes, I have been suddenly diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer (I’m a non-smoker: “Slightly more than half of the lung cancers caused by factors other than active smoking occur in never smokers”, There are now published studies linking asthma patients to increased risk of lung cancer. The jury has not even been convened as to whether this is due to the medicines prescribed for asthma, shots given, or other pathways of disease development.

Please listen to my video, linked to from a post here on my blog. And look up Sayer J. and his presentation “The Global Toxicity Crisis” for some incredible insight on why even small amounts of toxins, even pharmaceuticals, may be, even ESPECIALLY in low doses, the causative factors in disease development, including cancer development.

A woman gives a testimony that even though she lives in the Pacific Northwest, eats organically at home and when she travels, her levels of Glyphosate are similar to someone in middle-america who eats the Standard American Diet (SAD). I am sharing my story here on this Blog. #StayTuned #Evolving

Please follow the link above to my IDLife Store. I am actively working on building MyIDLife sales through Network Marketing to raise funds to offset the costs of “alternative” cancer treatments, throughout which I do not expect to be working outside of my home-based business (fatigue and time-consuming protocols are daily problems).

None of my alternative medicine therapies are covered by the medical insurance, that I am required to purchase at continued great cost (and truth be told, something even worse than cancer might happen to me, requiring a financially crippling hospital stay!). My monthly #CureCancerAlternatively costs, even without other needed modalities, like organic foods, and cleaning products, which I have sought, consumed, and utilized for some 30+ years now, are $700-$800 to support my immune system! All out of pocket! Help me over-ride the system while obtaining excellent products for you and yours!!! I would love to meet you via social media, a phone call, or Email. Let’s build a real relationship so that I may best help you meet your goals with IDLife products and the available business opportunity, if you are interested.

The compensation plan from IDLife Corporate provides 30% of all suggested retail purchases that are purchased by anyone via my IDLife website (click on link above to explore there), directly to me, through direct deposit to my home-based business account; these profits will help to support me through this difficult season in my life, provide for my future, and provide purpose support to my daily walk. If, as a buyer, you choose Scheduled Delivery, SD, for any products, you IMMEDIATELY save 10% off of SD products, placed on SD by choice. I then make 20%, which is still a great help to me, especially residually. And if you are interested in an excellent Network Marketing vehicle in the health and wellness space, please ask me how to start!!!

Please feel free to contact me for any help you might need getting started as a customer or as a business owner. I love our customized vitamins and ALL of our lifestyle support products. We can even set up a phone call, or a Skype, whatever suits your schedule.

Thanks so much. MuchLove&Gratefullness&Regards,
Catherine Alexander


Please note, that while I LOVE my Customized Nutrition, and ALL of our lifestyle support products, IDLife does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, illness, injury, or other medical condition.

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