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Click the button above to view only my posts on Ecologies from my blog. My interests in ecologies is a large part of my life and formal education. There is so much that we as humans can learn from how  ecologies work and how they don’t work. As stewards of this earth (and our bodies) it is a joy to be alert to these relationships, to observe them, and to allow knowledge and understanding obtained from the excellent working relationships between all of creation to help guide us.

I have loved all of creation for as long as I can remember. I grew up gleaning comfort and joy from connected greenways, enjoying the seasons of emergence, growth, and senescence. The Creator of all of creation kept His watchful eye on me throughout my youth. He brought me into His knowledge in my mid 20s (25 yo). He sent and was with me through the very best schools, colleges, universities, and teachers therein, to show me more excellent things about it all. This Ecologies area of my Blog may be very patchwork to begin with, but my goal is to eventually sew it together into an Ebook for all to enjoy and glean from. Please stay tuned!

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