This post is a diary type entry. I had a very productive day yesterday (9/15/16). This video marked the end of a busy morning into the afternoon. Afterwards, I made progress understanding more about new protocols, securing an additional one prescribed at a cancer discount (yay 🎉). I engaged Jonah2 from Bonnie’s pastor at Austin Ridge Bible Church, and accomplished some house cleaning. The tea that I made, with a #Shot added, and water chasers saw me through until Daniel came home around 530pm. I don’t think I drank enough water all day actually, even though I do drink allot every day, I don’t actually track the 1 ounce per pound of body weight, which maybe I should. I suffered a major, extremely painful left leg into foot cramp in the early morning the following morning in the wee hours. Before that, I made it to TotalGym class with the women which was very nice. I made it home for evening protocols. Daniel and I made #KickemJuice. More about that recipe later. Raw roots of organic ginger, turmeric , and hot peppers, simmered.

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