My cancer diagnosis

So, yes, pretty shocking!!! I will be blogging about the journey … ❤️ … So far, I am still not pursuing conventional methods. I am continuing alternative methods. I am praying for an MD or ND to track me, my blood work and ordering of new scans when advised, but, so far, one has eluded me in the Baltimore, Maryland area. They are an endangered or extinct species it seems. Conventional medicine reigns, with failed results for me so far, as I brief in my video. But please, go ahead and contact me via FB message, my cell phone, or my email to chat, maybe provide me with your insights or encouragements. I continue to renew my mind with spiritual truths from God’s word, applying them to my heart, mind, and soul. The enemy shows up to beat me up daily. It is my job to trust God at His word to overcome the world. 🙂 Love you all. Thanks for stopping by. #Peace #Love and #Understanding

Cancer Diagnosis Link to Video:

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